A Space for Pregnant Mothers and Mothers of
Newborn Babies 0-5 months

Created and run by Mothers and Maternity Professionals to Support and Educate you through your Motherhood Journey


If you are looking for practical, honest and up to date information on Mothering, you are in the right place!!


Our Mission


'MummyMoon' refers to the first 3 months of Motherhood. Traditionally this is the time when Mothers spend time getting to know their baby. For MummyMoon this is also the time when we would like to see you looked after, supported and guided through your early days of Motherhood. Our Mission is to create a space where all Mothers are cared for (before and way beyond the first 3 months!)  and given the skills they need to Parent Happy and Healthy Children.


Motherhood & Covid

Covid has made a challenging time even more isolating and unpredictable.


If you have been pregnant, given birth or have a young child whilst dealing with covid, We are Here For You.

MummyMoon Workshops are arranged around your individual family needs.

All our MummyMoon Workshops run in accordance with current covid government guidelines. If we are restricted and cannot meet in person, MummyMoon Workshops will be running online.

Register Your Interest

We are in the process of setting dates for our next MummyMoon Workshops.  If you would like to register your interest for these workshops or would like more information/have questions please contact us.

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